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CHISPA: Community Health Initiative and Partnerships Our Beginnings      CHISPA Global was formerly Pediatricians for Central America’s Children (PFCAC), a group that has been working in El Salvador, Guatemala and the Dominican Republic since 1990.  The group began when several pediatricians from Winthrop University Hospital in Mineola ,NY, went down to El Salvador in response […]



        We need your support to complete our mission. When you donate, every penny goes toward helping the community. CHISPA Global members are volunteers and all travel costs come out of our own pockets.   Your donations will go to support the physicians, nurses, health promoters and dentists in the communities we serve.  By supporting […]

Our Mission and Vision


First and foremost, CHISPA is committed to teaching Health and Medical Education in developing countries. We do this by providing continuing medical education in the counties in which we work Continuing Medical Education (CME) for Physicians       In developing countries, health care providers’ access to CME is often limited, particularly if they work […]

Our Next Trip to El Salvador

Our next trip to El Salvador is tentatively set for the first week of March 2013

We are currently accepting applications from those that would like to volunteer to work with us in El Salvador, or those that wish to help in other ways.   Our focus will be on Public Health projects such as decreasing the incidence of vector borne diseases like Chagas disease and dengue,  Women’s health promotion and preventive care, oral health improvement and general health education.  We’re looking for members with some expertise in these areas or the willingness to be trained in skills related to these areas. Spanish language skills are a plus but not a necessity. We are also looking for translators who are willing to volunteer their time

We take those that demonstrate real commitment and the desire to improve global health. Applications can be done on line by following this link. We would like to remind our applicants that we request a resume/CV, a copy of your current passport, and a scanned copy of your license if applicable.



Our Ongoing Projects

  • Public Health Featured Photo

    Public Health

      We will be working in the towns of San Fernando and Rancho Quemado.  In collaboration with the local doctors and the Ministry of Health we plan to work on a project to help eradicate Chagas disease from the community and decrease other vector borne diseases                   […]

  • Oral Hygiene Featured Photo

    Oral Health

    Oral Health is an often ignored sector of Global Health.  CHISPA Global works with communities to teach good oral health habits, prevent dental disease and treat severe cases of dental decay. Why do we care about oral health, other than the pain it causes? Poor dental health can lead to malnutrition if a child can’t […]

  • Medical Education Featured Photo


    Supporting the local healthcare providers in the countries we serve is one of our most important goals.  Teaching, mentoring and collaborating to strengthen the existing health care system is critical to making sustainable change.    In recent years, CHISPA Global has taken on medical and health education as one of our prime tasks. On our […]


    Women’s Health

    CHISPA Global is committed to working in the field of women’s health and maternal-child health education.   The focus on women’s health began when CHISPA Global was in its infancy.  The first ‘charlas’ began with breast cancer – what it was, how it presents and most importantly how to detect it as early as possible. […]

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